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Perhaps you like dabbling with makeup, or maybe you are meticulous about beauty care regimens but assume that you could only pursue this as a part-time career. In truth, beauty courses have recently started soaring in popularity as they are increasingly proving to be profitable. This interest could be attributed to the fact that the digital and social media era has made more people conscious about how they look, which makes beauty specialists in high demand. However, you may go through the catalogue of beauty courses available and be unsure about what would suit you best. If you are contemplating enrolling in beauty school, the following are a few of the favourite courses you could consider enlisting in.

Hair removal specialist

Shaving may have been the go-to hair removal technique for both men and women but times have steadily changed. Nowadays, people are looking for methods that would guarantee them thorough removal that will keep them hair-free for longer. As a hair removal specialist, there are a couple of techniques that you could pursue. The first would be waxing, which can be carried out on most parts of the body with long-term results. Alternatively, you could take it a notch further and learn about laser hair removal, which provides your clientele with a permanent hair removal option.

Once you become a hair removal specialist, you could take various career paths. A good number of people branch out to work at spas and beauty salons that offer hair removal services. You could also branch out as a freelancer and provide mobile hair removal services. Conversely, you could choose to open up your beauty parlour that focuses on hair removal.

Beauty consultant

Another career path gaining momentum in beauty schools is becoming a beauty consultant. A beauty consultant is expected to know the ins and outs of cosmetology as their primary focus is on beauty care products. By choosing beauty consultancy courses, you learn about the different skin types your clients have, the types of products that work well with these skin types as well as knowing which beauty regimens would work best for different lifestyles and age brackets.

Typically, beauty consultants will find work at department stores and are tasked with educating buyers on what products to purchase. However, you could also work for a skincare company and be responsible for promoting their products as well as demonstrating how to use them.


15 January 2018

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