Caring For Acrylic Nails: What You Need To Know

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If you've ever worn acrylic nails, it goes without saying you know just how vital caring for them is. It doesn't matter if you're wearing them to help ward off the bothersome finger nail-biting habit or to help "lengthen" your nails, but giving acrylic nails stellar care is something you want to prioritise! How Is the Whole Thing Done? Acrylic nails are artificial nails that are attached to the original nails by use of some mixture containing acrylic powder, nail glue, and some liquid blend.

5 March 2018

Wolf At The Door: How Integrative Medicine Can Help Lupus Sufferers Manage Their Condition More Effectively


To say lupus can have a significant impact on the lives of those who suffer from it would be a grotesque understatement, and this systemic, chronic and ultimately incurable condition can cause a wide variety of painful, debilitating and dangerous ailments that can significant reduce a sufferer's quality of life. It goes without saying, then, that undergoing the proper treatments to manage this illness is essential, and lupus patients should work closely with their doctors and immunologists to stave off the worst aspects of this autoimmune disorder.

2 February 2018

Beauty School – Courses You Could Consider Enrolling In

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Perhaps you like dabbling with makeup, or maybe you are meticulous about beauty care regimens but assume that you could only pursue this as a part-time career. In truth, beauty courses have recently started soaring in popularity as they are increasingly proving to be profitable. This interest could be attributed to the fact that the digital and social media era has made more people conscious about how they look, which makes beauty specialists in high demand.

15 January 2018